How to Get the Kepler R Ship for Free in Starfield

If you’re an avid gamer and a fan of space exploration, Starfield is definitely a game you wouldn’t want to miss. As you progress through the game, acquiring ships that meet your needs becomes crucial. One ship that stands out is the Kepler R, and the best part is that you can obtain it for free. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of obtaining the Kepler R ship in Starfield.

Where to Get the Kepler R Ship in Starfield

To get your hands on the Kepler R ship, you’ll need to complete the Overdesigned side mission in Starfield. This mission becomes available after you’ve completed the High Price to Pay mission. Once you have accomplished this crucial milestone, head to the Lodge in New Atlantis and look for Walter Stroud.

Walter Stroud will offer you the opportunity to help the Research and Development team at the Stroud-Eklund Staryard. Accepting this offer will initiate the Overdesigned side mission, which will uncover the way to obtain the Kepler R ship. Keep in mind that completing both of the optional objectives during this mission is crucial.

Completing the Overdesigned Side Mission

The Overdesigned side mission in Starfield is relatively straightforward. Your main objective is to assist the Research and Development team by completing specific tasks. However, it’s important to note that successfully completing the optional objectives is necessary if you want to obtain the Kepler R ship. Failing to do so will result in receiving the Kepler S ship instead.

During the mission, you may encounter some challenges along the way. It’s essential to remain focused and complete the tasks diligently. By doing so, you’ll increase your chances of obtaining the desired Kepler R ship.

Importance of Optional Objectives

As mentioned earlier, completing the optional objectives is crucial if you want to acquire the Kepler R ship. These objectives may seem like additional tasks, but they play a significant role in unlocking certain missions. By ensuring that you fulfill these optional objectives, you increase your chances of receiving the Kepler R ship as a reward, rather than settling for the Kepler S ship.

Tips for Successfully Completing the Overdesigned Side Mission

To ensure a smooth journey towards obtaining the Kepler R ship, here are a few tips to help you successfully complete the Overdesigned side mission in Starfield:

  1. Pay attention to instructions: Read all the mission instructions carefully to understand the requirements and objectives.

  2. Explore thoroughly: Take the time to explore the surroundings and interact with NPCs to gather useful information or potential leads.

  3. Upgrade your equipment: Enhance your ship’s capabilities by upgrading its equipment, weapons, and defensive systems. This will give you an edge during combat encounters.

  4. Complete side quests: Engaging in side missions and completing them successfully can provide additional benefits, such as valuable resources or helpful allies.

  5. Save your progress: Regularly save your progress to avoid losing any hard-earned achievements or progress made during the Overdesigned side mission.

By following these tips and staying determined, you’ll be on the path to acquiring the coveted Kepler R ship in Starfield.

The Kepler R ship is a powerful vessel that can greatly enhance your Starfield gaming experience. By completing the Overdesigned side mission and fulfilling the optional objectives, you’ll have the opportunity to obtain this impressive ship for free. Remember to stay focused, explore every possibility, and make strategic decisions throughout your journey. Good luck on your quest to acquire the Kepler R ship and enjoy the thrilling adventures that await you in the vastness of Starfield!