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FFXIV: How to Get Island Durium Sand in Island Sanctuary

The sands of summertime

One of the new required materials for leveling your Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.5 is the Island Durium Sand, another one of those minerals you’ll have to gather if you wanna see your island rise and shine. Finding it isn’t as obvious as one could imagine, so here’s the location for this specific material.

Where to Get the Island Durium Sand

Island Durium Sand can be obtained in the Sunrise Lookout area on the island around (X: 26.5, Y: 19.4), next to the mountain at the center of the map. You need to be equipped with the Islekeep’s Mythril Pickaxe to be able to gather it, and this will require gathering many other items from different spots on your island. You probably have some of them if you’re already looking for the Durium Sand, though.

Gathering materials and resources is an essential part of enhancing your Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV. The Island Durium Sand is a crucial material required for the advancement of your island. In this guide, we will walk you through the location and method to obtain this valuable resource.

To gather the Island Durium Sand, head to the Sunrise Lookout area on your island. On the map, you can find it around the coordinates (X: 26.5, Y: 19.4). This area is situated near the center of the island, adjacent to a prominent mountain. It is important to note that you will need the Islekeep’s Mythril Pickaxe to extract the Durium Sand successfully.

Obtaining the Islekeep’s Mythril Pickaxe is a prerequisite before you can access and gather the Island Durium Sand. This means that you need to gather several other items from various locations on your island to acquire it. However, if you are already in search of the Durium Sand, chances are you have already obtained some of these required items.

Once you have equipped the Islekeep’s Mythril Pickaxe, make your way to the Sunrise Lookout area. Keep an eye out for the mountain at the center of the map. This is where you will find the Island Durium Sand waiting to be harvested. Approach the designated area and start gathering the precious resource.

Remember, efficient gathering requires careful planning and preparation. Ensure that you have the necessary tools and equipment before embarking on your journey to obtain the Island Durium Sand. This will save you time and effort in the long run.