How to Get Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit in Starfield

If you’re a fan of the highly anticipated game Starfield, you might be curious about how to obtain Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit. This unique and coveted item is not immediately available in the game, but with a little patience and the right choices, you can add it to your inventory. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to acquire Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit in Starfield.

Selecting the Kid Stuff Trait

The first step in obtaining Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit is to select the Kid Stuff trait during the character creation process. Among the various cool traits available, such as Extrovert, Taskmaster, and Terra Firma, don’t overlook Kid Stuff. Despite its childish nature, this perk offers a range of unique benefits, including the highly sought-after spacesuit.

Progressing Through the Game

Once you have chosen the Kid Stuff trait, it’s time to make progress in the game. Explore the captivating world of Starfield and embark on various missions and quests. Immerse yourself in the gameplay and enjoy the journey as you uncover the secrets of the universe.

Waiting for Your Parents to Hand Over the Suit

As you progress through the game, it’s important to remain patient. Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit is not immediately available and will be handed over to you by your in-game parents at a later stage. While it may seem like a lengthy wait, the anticipation will only enhance the excitement when you finally receive the suit.

Focusing on Game Objectives

To expedite the process of acquiring Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit, it’s crucial to stay focused on the main objectives of the game. Complete missions, fulfill quests, and advance the storyline to trigger the pivotal moment when your parents entrust you with the prized spacesuit.

Enjoying the Unique Benefits

Once you finally receive Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit, it’s time to reap the rewards. This unique item offers distinct advantages that can enhance your gameplay experience. Whether it provides enhanced protection, special abilities, or exclusive features, make sure to fully explore and utilize the benefits of wearing the spacesuit.

Obtaining Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit in Starfield requires a specific approach during character creation and progressing through the game. By selecting the Kid Stuff trait and patiently following the storyline, you can get your hands on this coveted item and unlock its unique advantages. Embrace the excitement of the journey and enjoy the gameplay as you explore the vast universe of Starfield. Happy gaming!