World of Warcraft

How to Get Gnarled Harpoon in Classic Season of Discovery (Sniper Training and Quick Strike Runes)

Sniper Training and Quick Strike are valuable abilities in World of Warcraft (WoW) Season of Discovery (SoD). To unlock these abilities as a Night Elf, you need to obtain the Gnarled Harpoon. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to acquire the Gnarled Harpoon and access these powerful Runes.

Getting Prepared

Before embarking on your journey to obtain the Gnarled Harpoon, ensure that you are at least Level 16. This is important as you will encounter formidable Elites in the area. It’s also recommended to gather a group of friends to aid you, although it is possible to tackle the challenges alone if you are not under-leveled.

Locating the Gnarled Harpoon

The Gnarled Harpoon can be found in a specific area of WoW SoD. Follow the steps below to locate and acquire this crucial item:

  1. Travel to Darkshore: Head to the Darkshore zone, which is located on the northwestern coast of Kalimdor.

  2. Venture to Cliffspring River: Make your way to the Cliffspring River, an iconic landmark in Darkshore. The river runs from the mountains to the north, cutting through the middle of the zone.

  3. Explore the Riverbank: Along the riverbank, you will encounter various hostile creatures, including Night Elf villagers who have succumbed to corruption. Be cautious as you navigate through this dangerous territory.

  4. Defeat Corrupted Night Elfs: Engage in combat with the corrupted Night Elfs who guard the Gnarled Harpoon. These opponents are formidable, so strategize your approach and coordinate with your group if you have one.

  5. Secure the Gnarled Harpoon: Once you have successfully defeated the corrupted Night Elfs, search their bodies for the Gnarled Harpoon. It may require some time, patience, and luck to find, so be thorough in your search.

  6. Claiming the Harpoon: Once you’ve located the Gnarled Harpoon, make sure to equip it in your character’s inventory. It is essential for accessing the Sniper Training and Quick Strike Runes.

Unlocking the Sniper Training and Quick Strike Runes

With the Gnarled Harpoon in your possession, you are now ready to unlock the Sniper Training and Quick Strike abilities. Follow these steps to activate the Runes:

  1. Visit a Runeforge: Locate a Runeforge in an allied Night Elf settlement, such as Darnassus or Dolanaar. These Runeforges are typically found within the blacksmithing area.

  2. Interact with the Runeforge: Approach the Runeforge and interact with it to open the Rune customization interface.

  3. Select Sniper Training and Quick Strike: Within the customization interface, locate the Sniper Training and Quick Strike Runes. These runes should now be accessible since you have the Gnarled Harpoon.

  4. Activate the Runes: Click on the Sniper Training Rune and the Quick Strike Rune to activate them. Confirm your selection to apply the Rune enhancements to your character.

Congratulations! You have successfully obtained the Gnarled Harpoon and unlocked the powerful Sniper Training and Quick Strike abilities. Make the most of these abilities to excel in WoW SoD and emerge victorious in your adventures.

Remember, mastering these abilities requires practice and experience. Utilize them effectively in combat situations to maximize their potential. Good luck on your journey through WoW Season of Discovery!