How to Get Dagath in Warframe

Warframe, the popular online multiplayer video game, has recently introduced its new update called Abyss of Dagath. With this update, players have the exciting opportunity to acquire the elusive character known as Dagath. However, obtaining Dagath is not as straightforward as acquiring other frames in the game. In this article, we will guide you through the process of unlocking Dagath in Warframe.

Unlocking Dagath’s Hollow Room

To begin your quest to obtain Dagath, you need to access the new Dagath’s Hollow room located in a Clan Dojo. It’s important to note that your individual clan must have constructed the Dagath’s Hollow room before you can proceed. If your clan hasn’t yet built this room, you should check with them before proceeding further.

If you are not currently part of a clan, there are a couple of methods to find one. Firstly, you can join the Recruiting Chat in the bottom left corner of the game’s interface. Type either “LF clan” or “Looking for clan” to let other players know your intention to join a clan. Usually, this will attract a private message from someone interested in recruiting you. From there, you can discuss joining their clan and proceed accordingly.

Another method to find a clan is by visiting the Warframe forums. Specifically, navigate to the Recruitment section where you will find a collection of threads posted by clans seeking new members. Feel free to browse through the threads and reply to the one that catches your interest. This way, you can express your desire to join a clan and discuss further details with the clan representative.

Joining the Clan and Acquiring Dagath

Once you have successfully joined a clan and confirmed that they have constructed the Dagath’s Hollow room, you are ready to proceed with obtaining Dagath. Here’s what you need to do next:

  1. Communicate with your clan members: Get in touch with your fellow clan members to coordinate the process of acquiring Dagath. They might have specific requirements or guidelines that you need to follow.

  2. Access Dagath’s Hollow Room: Visit your Clan Dojo and navigate to the newly constructed Dagath’s Hollow room. This room serves as the gateway to obtaining Dagath.

  3. Complete the challenges: Inside Dagath’s Hollow room, you will encounter a series of challenges and tasks that you must complete in order to unlock Dagath. These challenges could range from defeating powerful enemies to solving puzzles or even completing specific missions in the game.

  4. Collaboration is key: To overcome the challenges in Dagath’s Hollow room, it is highly recommended to team up with other clan members. The cooperative gameplay not only enhances your chances of success but also adds to the overall enjoyment of the game.

  5. Persistence and dedication: Unlocking Dagath requires persistence and dedication. Some challenges may prove to be difficult, but by continuously striving to improve and working together with your clan mates, you will eventually succeed in acquiring Dagath.

Obtaining the elusive frame Dagath in Warframe is an exciting and unique experience for players. By accessing the Dagath’s Hollow room in a Clan Dojo and completing the challenges within, you will be able to add Dagath to your collection. Remember to join a clan if you haven’t already and communicate with your clan mates throughout the process. With perseverance and a cooperative spirit, you will unlock Dagath and enjoy all the thrilling gameplay experiences it brings to Warframe.