World of Warcraft

How to Get the Temporal Burdens Ensemble in WoW


The fashion hunter strikes again – this time with some brand new shoulder transmog (the most fun slot to get fancy with, in my opinion). These shoulders were introduced in patch 10.1.7, but they fell so by the wayside of new content and announcements that honestly I didn’t even know they made it into the game until I did some serious digging. Good news, though: they’re super easy to get with the simple steps below.

How to Complete ‘No Limits’ to Get Chromie’s Timespun Shoulderpads and Morchie’s Timeworn Shoulderpads

First, make your way to Chromie, who’s planted herself near the Temporal Conflux, shown below on the map. There’s no prerequisite quests for this questline, so don’t worry about any homework beforehand.

The Temporal Conflux is a central location where time manipulations occur. It’s an important landmark in the world of Warcraft and can be found easily on the map. Once you’re in the vicinity, locate Chromie and initiate a conversation with her to begin the questline.

Chromie will offer you the ‘No Limits’ quest, which you need to complete in order to obtain the coveted shoulder transmog pieces. It’s a straightforward quest and won’t require any extensive preparations. Follow the steps below to successfully complete the quest and acquire Chromie’s Timespun Shoulderpads and Morchie’s Timeworn Shoulderpads:

  1. Accept the quest: Once you accept the ‘No Limits’ quest from Chromie, the adventure begins.

  2. Time to travel: As the quest suggests, you’ll need to embark on a time-traveling adventure. Chromie will open a time portal leading to different eras and timelines.

  3. Navigate the timelines: Travel through time by stepping into the time portal. You’ll be presented with various eras and timelines to explore. Each era has its unique challenges and rewards.

  4. Overcoming challenges: While exploring different timelines, you’ll encounter obstacles and enemies. Defeat them using your combat skills and strategize accordingly. Completing these challenges will progress the quest further.

  5. Collecting the shoulder transmog: As you progress through the questline, you’ll eventually reach a point where you’ll acquire Chromie’s Timespun Shoulderpads and Morchie’s Timeworn Shoulderpads. These exclusive shoulder transmogs are highly sought after by the fashion-conscious players in the WoW community.

  6. Return to Chromie: Once you have obtained both shoulder transmog pieces, return to Chromie to complete the ‘No Limits’ quest. She will reward you with additional bonuses or items for your accomplishment.

Obtaining Chromie’s Timespun Shoulderpads and Morchie’s Timeworn Shoulderpads is a relatively straightforward process, and with the questline requiring no prerequisite quests, players of all levels can embark on this adventure. Remember to approach each challenge with a strategic mindset and make use of your combat abilities to overcome the obstacles along the way.

Enjoy the thrill of time-traveling and strut your stuff in these stylish shoulder transmogs that are sure to make you stand out among the crowd. Happy hunting, fashion hunters!