Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is an enthralling video game that offers a captivating world filled with challenging quests and powerful relics. One such relic that has been introduced in Patch 1.7 is the Antidote, accompanied by an exciting new PowerUp known as “Defang.” In this article, we will delve into the details of acquiring the Antidote Relic and unlocking the Defang PowerUp, taking your gameplay to new heights.

Where to Find the Antidote Relic in Vampire Survivors

To embark on your mission to acquire the Antidote Relic, you must first ensure that you have unlocked the Whiteout stage in Vampire Survivors. If you have yet to do so, prioritize unlocking this stage before proceeding any further.

Once you are on the Whiteout stage, pause the game by either tapping the pause button located in the top-right corner of the screen or by pressing the designated Pause button. This will open up your map and allow you to navigate through the game world more effectively.

Scan your map carefully and look for specific markers that indicate the location of the Antidote Relic. These markers may vary in appearance based on your gaming platform, but they are usually represented by distinct icons or symbols. Once you have identified the marker corresponding to the Antidote Relic, head towards that location within the game world.

Be prepared for challenging obstacles and enemies during your journey to the Antidote Relic’s location. Vampire Survivors is known for its intense gameplay, so make sure to equip yourself with strong weapons and power-ups to overcome any threats that may arise.

Upon reaching the designated location, you will find the Antidote Relic waiting for you to claim it. Interact with the relic to add it to your inventory and unlock its potential.

What Does the Defang PowerUp Do in Vampire Survivors?

Now that you have obtained the Antidote Relic, it’s time to understand the incredible power it bestows upon you. The Antidote Relic introduces the Defang PowerUp, which enhances your vampire character’s abilities in various ways.

When activated, the Defang PowerUp grants your character the ability to neutralize and weaken enemy attacks. It significantly reduces the damage inflicted upon your character, allowing you to sustain longer and endure more challenging battles.

Moreover, the Defang PowerUp empowers your character with enhanced offensive capabilities. It amplifies your attacks, enabling you to deal increased damage to enemies and enabling quicker takedowns.

To utilize the Defang PowerUp in Vampire Survivors, access your in-game menu and navigate to the “PowerUps” section. Here, you will find the Defang ability associated with the Antidote Relic. Activate it to experience its incredible effects firsthand.

Make sure to strategize your gameplay and maximize the usage of the Defang PowerUp during intense combat scenarios. It can prove to be a game-changer in challenging boss fights and enable you to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.