Game Update: Bug Fixes and Improvements in Latest Version

The latest version of the popular video game has arrived, bringing along a host of bug fixes and improvements that will elevate your gaming experience. From addressing collision issues to enhancing movement systems, this update aims to provide a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay for all players.

Collision Fixes and Improved Player Interaction

One of the major bug fixes in this update deals with collision between players. Previously, there were instances where players would unintentionally step on each other, resulting in awkward gameplay. This issue has now been resolved, ensuring a more fluid and immersive gaming experience.

Enhanced Movement Systems

The new update also tackles a bug where players could slide up walls in Mirage mid. This glitch, which caused players to maneuver through walls, has been rectified. With this fix, players can now navigate the game environment without any unintended exploits, ensuring fair and balanced gameplay.

Additionally, a movement systems bug that caused players to get stuck on geometry has been addressed. Players will no longer find themselves trapped in certain parts of the game world, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay and smooth progression.

Improved Server Performance

The developers have painstakingly worked on fixing several server-related issues to enhance the overall gameplay experience. One notable fix is the bug that prevented “Zoom Button Hold: Repeat Disabled” from functioning correctly. Now, players can enjoy seamless control and precision when using the zoom function in the game.

Another critical fix addresses a scenario where switching weapons immediately after shooting would result in the shot not registering on the server. This fix ensures that each shot fired is accurately recorded, eliminating frustrations and ensuring fair competition among players.

Fair Play Enforcement

To uphold fair play in the game, the developers have resolved a case where players could shoot during freeze time at the ends of warmup, halves, and matches. This fix ensures that players adhere to the game’s intended mechanics and rules, fostering a competitive and balanced gameplay environment.