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Forza Motorsport: Pre-Load Now Available with a Hefty File Size

Excitement is building among racing game enthusiasts as the release of Forza Motorsport approaches. Turn 10 Studios’ newest installment in the beloved series is set to provide an unparalleled virtual racing experience. With pre-loading now available for most versions of the game, players can ensure that they are ready to dive into the action as soon as the game launches.

The Need for Ample Storage Space

Before getting too carried away with the anticipation, it’s important to note that Forza Motorsport comes with quite a hefty file size. Turn 10 Studios recently detailed the file size requirements for installation, and players will need to free up a significant amount of storage space. Depending on the version and platform you choose, you may need to sacrifice anywhere between 100GB to 133GB of free space on your PC or Xbox.

The smallest file size requirement can be found on the Series S version, where 100GB of free space is necessary to install Forza Motorsport. On Steam, the installed file size is 118GB, but the download size is slightly smaller at 108GB. The Microsoft Store version requires an additional gigabyte, with a file size of 119GB. Finally, the Xbox Series X version boasts the largest file size among all four versions, at a whopping 133GB.

Differences in Pre-Loading Availability

While three out of the four versions of Forza Motorsport are currently available for pre-load, Steam users will have to exercise a little more patience. Turn 10 Studios has stated that Steam users will have to wait until closer to the release date to pre-install the game. However, with the massive file sizes involved, it may be wise to start clearing up space on your gaming devices well in advance.

PC Download Requirements

For those planning to play Forza Motorsport on their PCs, additional considerations come into play. In a specification requirements post released by Turn 10 Studios a month prior, it was recommended to have an NvME SSD to install the game. This suggests that players should be prepared to have approximately 130GB of free space on their SSDs for a smooth installation.

Release Dates to Remember

The highly anticipated Forza Motorsport is set to be released on October 10th for PC and Xbox Series X/S. However, if you have purchased either the Premium Edition or the Premium Add-Ons Bundle, you will gain early access on October 5th. This exciting release aims to deliver a racing platform that sets the benchmark for future racing games.

With the countdown to Forza Motorsport underway, racing enthusiasts are eager to experience the next level of realism and excitement that Turn 10 Studios has in store. However, it’s important to be aware of the large file sizes required for installation, especially for PC users who should prioritize having ample SSD space available. Prepare to embark on a thrilling racing journey, and get ready to embrace the immersive world of Forza Motorsport. Start pre-loading now and ensure that you’re fully prepared to hit the virtual tracks as soon as the game launches.

Remember to clear up space on your gaming devices, heed the recommended specifications, and gear up for an unforgettable gaming experience. Forza Motorsport is about to redefine racing games, and you won’t want to miss out on the action!