Fortnite Update v26.30 (4.03) Fortnitemares Halloween Event - Server Downtime, Patch Notes - 10 October 2023

Fortnite enthusiasts, get ready to dive into the spooky and thrilling Fortnitemares Halloween Event with the highly-anticipated Fortnite update v26.30 (4.03). As we eagerly await the launch of Chapter 4 Season 5 on November 3rd, Epic Games has something exciting in store for us.

Server Downtime and Patch Notes

To bring you this exciting update, Epic Games will be taking the Fortnite servers offline for maintenance. On October 10th, 2023, starting from 3 AM ET / 8 AM BST / 9 AM CEST, matchmaking will be disabled, followed by the servers going offline shortly afterward. This downtime is necessary to prepare the servers for the much-anticipated v26.30 (4.03) patch release.

What to Expect in the Fortnitemares Halloween Event

The Fortnitemares Halloween Event promises a plethora of exciting features and content. While many elements will be familiar from previous years, data miners have provided us with glimpses of what to expect in this spine-chilling update.

One of the exciting additions is the Vampire Stake Shotgun. Although specific details regarding its statistics are yet to be revealed, we know it will be available in a range of rarities, starting from rare and scaling all the way up to mythic. Brace yourself for intense battles wielding this formidable weapon.

Additionally, there will be a Mythic Rarity Vampire Kinetic Blade, offering a unique and powerful weapon for players to wield against their adversaries. Moreover, a red version of the Witch Broom will be introduced, bringing a twist to this iconic item. It remains a mystery how the red variation will differ from the standard broom, but it’s sure to add a touch of intrigue to gameplay.

To further enhance your Halloween experience, two new Halloween-themed augments will be introduced. The trick-or-treat augment will grant players an additional ten healing when consuming candy, providing an extra advantage during intense battles. Additionally, the Watchy Warrior augment will reduce the cooldown time of the Witch Broom by 20%, allowing for faster mobility across the island.

As for returning favorites, the Pumpkin Launcher and Candy will once again make their appearance, alongside the Horde Rush Zero Build game mode. However, expect some changes and enhancements to gameplay, including the introduction of augments, new cube monster part upgrade benches, the return of old items, and exciting quests that offer XP and potentially free cosmetic rewards.

Exciting Changes and New Content

The v26.30 (4.03) Fortnitemares Halloween event will bring a host of changes and additions to keep players engaged and entertained. One notable change includes the alteration or temporary disablement of Vaults for the duration of Fortnitemares. Instead, players can expect to encounter Fortnitemares-themed mythics like Howler Claws, Shadow Midas’ Drum Gun, Inkquisitor’s Suppressed SMG, and more.

Another exciting addition is the introduction of new NPCs throughout the season. Prepare to interact with Dark Vanguard, Mincemeat, Victoria Saint, and Mae, who will offer various services and quests for cosmetics. Additionally, a formidable Vampire Kado Thorne Boss NPC will make its appearance, providing thrilling challenges for players to overcome.

As the Halloween event unfolds, certain content will be vaulted, including Ahsoka Tano Holograms, Jedi Training Lightsabers, and Force Abilities. However, players can look forward to the final weekly quests, new encrypted files, and an array of exciting new cosmetics to customize their Fortnite experience.

Fortnitemares 2023 brings a thrilling Halloween event to Fortnite players, filled with exciting content, new additions, and enticing challenges. The v26.30 (4.03) update holds great promise, adding depth and excitement to the game as we eagerly await the launch of Chapter 4 Season 5. So prepare yourself for a spooktacular Fortnite experience and get ready to dive into the Fortnitemares Halloween Event.