Fortnite Update v26.20 (4.02) - Server Downtime & Patch Notes 26th September 2023

Epic Games has exciting news for all the Fortnite fans out there! The release date and time for the highly anticipated Fortnite update, v26.20 (4.02), have been officially announced. Let’s dive into the early patch notes and find out more about the scheduled server downtime for the upcoming update on September 26th, 2023.

It has been just over a month since Epic Games launched a new season of Fortnite Battle Royale, and players have been eagerly awaiting the next major update. Season four has already seen one significant update, the 26.10 Fortnite update, which introduced the captivating My Hero Academia wave 2 collaboration. This collaboration brought a new mythic item and the return of the Deku Smash. While there were no free cosmetics available, players had the opportunity to complete My Hero Academia quests and earn season 4 XP.

Now, let’s focus on the much-anticipated v26.20 update (4.02). Epic Games has confirmed that server maintenance is required to prepare for the new release, just like with any major Fortnite update. The Fortnite servers will temporarily go down for maintenance on September 26th, 2023, starting at 3 AM ET / 8 AM BST / 9 AM CEST. While Epic Games hasn’t specified the exact time the servers will be back online, based on previous updates, it is expected to be around 10 AM BST on September 26th, 2023.

Data miners have once again come to the rescue, providing us with some insight into the early patch notes for the v26.20 (4.02) update. One of the most exciting additions is the introduction of the Unknown Ahsoka Tano rewards, along with related quests. In addition, Star Wars Rift Gates will be making a return, offering players the chance to interact with them and spawn lightsabers and force powers. Blasters are also expected to make a comeback, alongside the possibility of other Star Wars items returning. Keep in mind that these changes are subject to potential modifications and are yet to be officially confirmed.

While the early patch notes only provide a glimpse of what’s to come, let’s not forget about other changes that may be implemented. Expect the addition of Week 5 & 6 quests, as well as Fish Thicc’s Snapshot Quests. Completing a specific number of quests will reward players with various benefits, such as the option to purchase the Ram Rocket or upgrade weapons. Moreover, players will have the opportunity to hire NPCs, and certain birthday quests will be removed. Furthermore, there’s a possibility of bug fixes, new augments, and other changes, although none have been confirmed at this time.