Fortnite OG Season X Update: Patch Notes and Exciting Additions

The highly-anticipated Fortnite OG Season X update is finally here, bringing with it a plethora of exciting changes and additions to the game. In this article, we will delve into the patch notes and highlight some of the key features that players can expect.

Blast Off Loot Pool and Map Changes

With the release of the Fortnite OG Season 9 and Season X update, both the loot pool and the map have undergone significant changes. Players can look forward to the return of classic items such as the Heavy Sniper, Proximity Grenade Launcher, Air Strike, and Junk Rift. These fan-favorite weapons are sure to add an extra layer of excitement to battles and provide new strategic opportunities for players.

Moreover, the infamous Storm Flip item has also made a comeback in this update. When thrown, the Storm Flip produces different effects based on whether it is thrown within or outside the Fortnite Battle Royale storm. If thrown within the storm, it creates a large storm that removes all storm damage for players within its radius. This temporary reprieve lasts for 20 seconds, providing a valuable lifeline amidst intense battles.

On the other hand, if thrown outside the storm, the Storm Flip creates a large sphere that deals damage equivalent to the current phase of the storm to all players within its range. This tactical item adds an interesting dynamic to gameplay, forcing players to carefully consider their positioning and strategy while navigating the storm.

Notably, the Baller vehicle, which was originally introduced in Season 8, has also made its way back into Fortnite OG. This unique vehicle allows players to traverse the map quickly and provides a mobile cover option, adding a new layer of mobility and defense to gameplay.

Vaulted and Added Items

As part of the Season X update, several items have been vaulted, while new additions have been made to the game. Among the items that have bid farewell are Planes, Cannons, Hunting Rifle, Drum Gun, Combat Shotgun, Quad Launcher, Quad Crasher, Treasure Maps, Balloons, Stink Grenades, Glider Redeploy Item, Sticky Grenades, TNT, and Poison Traps. These removals reflect Epic Games’ commitment to maintaining a balanced and evolving gameplay experience.

On the other hand, numerous items have been introduced to the game, including Drone POIs, Chug Splashes, Infantry Rifle, Drum Shotgun, the Baller, Heavy Sniper Rifle, Proximity Grenade Launcher, Air Strikers, Junk Rift, Storm Flip, and Jetpacks. These additions offer players a fresh arsenal of weapons and tools to experiment with, further diversifying their gameplay strategies.

Map Update

Accompanying the Season X update are several notable changes to the Fortnite OG map. Guille_Gag, a popular Twitter account known for sharing Fortnite content, has provided insights into these map changes. While the details are yet to be fully revealed, players can anticipate exciting modifications that will enhance their gaming experience in Season 9 and Season X.

As players embark on their Fortnite journey in the OG season, they can expect a visually refreshed map that promises thrilling adventures and memorable encounters. The map changes, in combination with the new items and adjustments, will undoubtedly keep players engaged and excited as they explore the ever-evolving world of Fortnite.