All Fortnite OG Hidden Gnome Map Locations – Secret Quest

If you’re a Fortnite player looking for some extra adventure and rewards, then you’re in luck! In Fortnite Chapter 4: OG, there is a secret quest involving hidden gnomes that you can locate and collect. In this article, we will guide you through the locations of all the hidden gnomes on the Fortnite OG map, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any of them.

The release of Fortnite OG has been an enormous success for Epic Games, with a significant increase in player count. The concurrent player count record reached new heights, hitting an impressive peak of 6,172,463 users on a Saturday. This number is more than double the usual player count since the release of OG Fortnite, indicating that players are thoroughly enjoying this new chapter.

It’s important to note that prior to May of this year, Epic Games didn’t provide access to the player count. Although we may not be close to reaching the peak numbers of Fortnite’s prime in 2018, it is undeniable that the return of OG Fortnite has been well-received by the gaming community.

Now, let’s dive into the exciting part: the hidden gnome locations. If you’ve been playing Fortnite for a while, you may remember secret gnome quests from Chapter 1. Epic Games decided to bring back these quests and integrate them into Fortnite OG.

There are a total of 10 garden gnomes hidden throughout the Fortnite OG map, waiting to be discovered. Each collected gnome will reward players with 20,000 XP, giving you the opportunity to earn up to 200,000 XP in total.

  1. Junk Junction: Head to the northwest side of the back hill, where you’ll find the first hidden Fortnite garden gnome. Look for it in front of the metal llama statue.

  2. Pleasant Park: Travel south of Pleasant Park, and you’ll stumble upon another hidden gnome. It can be found at a small campsite in front of a teddy bear resting on a log.

  3. Risky Reels: On the north side of Risky Reels, there is another hidden gnome waiting to be found. Look for it behind the green RV next to a fence, sitting at a table.

  4. Weeping Woods: Located in the middle of Weeping Woods, within the maze on the west side, you’ll discover another gnome next to a teddy bear.

  5. Lonely Lodge: On the north side of Lonely Lodge, near the water and next to a “no fishing” sign, you’ll find yet another hidden gnome.

  6. Paradise Palms: Head to the east side of Paradise Palms, closer to the edge of the map, and you’ll come across a gnome near a gravestone. Keep an eye out for the gnome looking at the right gravestone.

  7. Dusty Divot: On the north side of Dusty Divot, in a small pool of water on a water float next to a teddy bear, the next gnome is waiting to be discovered.

  8. Shifty Shafts: On the northeast side of Shifty Shafts, situated on the hill that houses the broken-down battle bus, you’ll find a gnome on the south side in the mud.

  9. Shifty Shafts Main Location: Enter the Shifty Shafts location and break the fence to find a gnome sitting at a table.

  10. Greasy Grove: Lastly, on the northeast side of Greasy Grove, right next to the stone head, you’ll spot the final hidden gnome sitting on a chair.

Gladly, HarryNinetyFour has provided us with the location details, which we’ve included above. Additionally, FN_Assist has created a map showing all the gnome locations on the Fortnite OG map for your reference.

With these gnome locations in mind, you can embark on a thrilling secret quest while exploring the OG map in Fortnite. Collecting all the hidden gnomes not only adds excitement to your gameplay but also rewards you generously with XP.

So, gear up, enter the Fortnite OG map, and embark on this adventurous quest! Happy gnome hunting!