Fortnite Horde Rush 2023 Code – How to Play, Where Is It, Quests and Free Rewards

Are you ready for some intense action and thrilling gameplay in Fortnite? The Horde Rush limited-time game mode is back in 2023, and players are eager to jump in and take on the challenge. In this article, we will guide you on how to play Horde Rush, where to find it, the exciting quests to complete, and the amazing free rewards that await you.

Epic Games has just released the third major Fortnite update for chapter 4 season 4, which includes the highly anticipated Fortnitemares Halloween event. Along with this event, the Horde Rush game mode has made a comeback. Gear up and get ready to fight hordes of Cube Monsters in this thrilling cooperative mode.

To access the Horde Rush mode, you’ll need to navigate to the Discover tab in Fortnite. However, it’s important to note that as of now, the mode is temporarily unavailable due to an error. Epic Games is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it. Keep an eye out for updates from the official Fortnite channels for when the Horde Rush mode becomes accessible again.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the exciting quests that await you in the Fortnite Horde Rush 2023:

  1. Earn a x40 KO Streak: Show off your skills by achieving a 40-kill streak. Take on the Cube Monsters and prove your dominance.

  2. Deal melee damage to Cube Monster Spawners: Destroy the Cube Monster Spawners while using melee weapons. Make sure to keep an eye out for these spawners scattered throughout the map.

  3. Update weapons at an upgrade bench in Horde Rush: Enhance your arsenal by upgrading your weapons at the upgrade bench. Use the resources you gather to make your weapons even more powerful.

  4. Assist in collecting score multipliers: Teamwork is essential in Horde Rush. Help your teammates collect score multipliers to boost your overall score.

  5. Assist in opening chests in Horde Rush: Explore the map and open chests to gather valuable loot. Every chest opened contributes to your team’s success.

  6. Help defeat the Boss in the final stage of Horde Rush: Gear up and prepare for the ultimate challenge. Unleash your skills and work together as a team to overcome the final Boss and emerge victorious.

  7. Hit headshots on Cube Monsters from at least 15 meters away: Showcase your accuracy and precision by landing headshots on Cube Monsters from a distance of at least 15 meters.

  8. Eliminate Cube Monsters using explosives: Unleash the explosive power and eliminate Cube Monsters with well-placed explosive attacks.

  9. Accumulate team points: Work together with your team to accumulate one million team points. Coordinate your efforts and strategize to achieve this goal.

Completing these quests will not only test your skills but also reward you with exciting cosmetic items. Here are the free rewards you can earn by completing Horde Rush quests:

  • Complete 1 Horde Rush Quest: Earn the Murk Wrap to customize your weaponry.

  • Complete 4 Horde Rush Quests: Unlock the Heart-o-Lantern Emoticon to show off your Halloween spirit.

  • Complete 7 Horde Rush Quests: Obtain the Batwing Bonespike Pickaxe, a fearsome tool to strike fear into your enemies.

In addition to these rewards, be on the lookout for limited-time Halloween-themed skins making their way into the Fortnite item shop. From Seth, Bogstick, Phantom Meowscles, to Festival Phaedrea, these unique skins will add a special touch to your Fortnite experience.