Fortnite players have recently been encountering two common errors while trying to access the game: “Sorry You Are Visiting Our Service Too Frequently” and “Sorry There Was a Timeout Utilizing the Database.” These issues have been predominantly reported by users of the Epic Games launcher.

The timing of these errors is unfortunate, as Epic Games just concluded the highly successful Chapter 4 Season OG in Fortnite. The season featured various exciting events, including the Big Bang live event that showcased a performance by renowned rapper Eminem. Additionally, players were given a sneak peek at three new game modes that will be introduced in the coming weeks.

One of these upcoming game modes is the Lego Fortnite Open World. Players can expect a thrilling and immersive experience when it arrives in the game a week after the launch of the new season. Another exciting addition is the Rocket Racing Fortnite game mode, which has been a subject of speculation among data miners for quite some time now. Finally, fans can look forward to the Festival game mode, which was showcased during Eminem’s concert at the event.

Despite the successful conclusion of the first showing, Epic Games has announced two additional showings of the event. The second showing is scheduled for 5 PM ET, followed by the third and final showing at 11 PM ET—just half an hour before the official launch of the new chapter. However, players have reported several issues with Fortnite since the live event playlist went live, particularly the frequent occurrence of the “Sorry You Are Visiting Our Service Too Frequently” and “Timeout Utilizing the Database” errors.

The “Sorry You Are Visiting Our Service Too Frequently” error message has become a common frustration for Fortnite players. Many are concerned that they may have been banned or temporarily blocked from accessing the game. However, this error message is actually a result of issues with the Fortnite servers. Unfortunately, there is no immediate fix or workaround for this error, and players are advised to wait until Epic Games resolves the server issues.

Similarly, the “Sorry There Was a Timeout Utilizing the Database” error message is also linked to server problems. This error message indicates that there was a timeout while trying to connect to the Epic Games and Fortnite servers. Just like the previous error, there is no specific fix or bypass for this issue, and players are advised to be patient and wait for the server problems to be resolved.