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Fix for Washed Out Forza Motorsport Gameplay on Xbox

Forza Motorsport, the highly anticipated racing game, has finally arrived for players who purchased the Premium Edition. However, some users have reported a display bug that makes the gameplay appear washed out on Xbox. Luckily, developer Turn 10 Studios has provided a solution to fix this issue.

Troubleshooting Steps

Players experiencing the washed out gameplay problem should follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Adjust Video Options: Start by setting the video options as preferred. This can be done within the game’s settings.
  2. Quit the Game: Completely exit Forza Motorsport by navigating to the Xbox dashboard and closing the game.
  3. Restart the Game: Launch Forza Motorsport again, but refrain from accessing the display settings once the game loads. By doing so, the washed out gameplay should be fixed.

While these steps were effective for some users, IGN reported that some graphical issues persisted even after following the above instructions. However, restarting the Xbox console entirely seemed to resolve the remaining bugs.

Developer’s Response

Addressing the concern, Turn 10 Studios acknowledged the problem and assured players that it would be fixed in the next update. Although they did not specify a release date for the update, the studio stated, “We have already checked in a fix for this and it’ll be in the next update.”

Early Access and File Size

Forza Motorsport is officially set to launch on October 10th, but players who purchased the Premium Edition can enjoy early access starting from October 5th. Game Pass subscribers can also play the game without any additional cost on the launch day or choose to upgrade to the Premium Edition for early access.

It’s worth noting that Forza Motorsport carries a hefty file size, approximately 100GB. While this may seem large, it is comparable to the file sizes of other recent AAA game releases.

IGN’s Review

In IGN’s review, Forza Motorsport received a solid 8/10 rating. The game was praised for its plethora of new features, including an improved multiplayer experience and enhanced handling. However, the new RPG-inspired upgrade system was viewed as a step down by the reviewers.

If you’re experiencing washed out gameplay in Forza Motorsport on Xbox, these troubleshooting steps provided by Turn 10 Studios should help resolve the issue. Remember to adjust the video options, quit the game completely, and restart without accessing the display settings. While some lingering graphical issues may require a console restart, the developer has confirmed that a fix will be included in the upcoming update.

Forza Motorsport promises an exciting racing experience for players, with early access available for Premium Edition owners and Game Pass subscribers. Despite minor concerns, the game offers stunning visuals and engaging gameplay that are sure to delight gamers and car enthusiasts alike.