Where to Find Neon (Ne) in Starfield

When it comes to the world of Starfield, the mention of “neon” brings two things to mind: Neon City, a prominent city in the Volii system, and Ne, a valuable crafting material used for research and equipment modifications. While finding the sprawling Neon City may prove challenging, our focus here lies in locating the precious resource of Neon (Ne). In this article, we will explore the various methods of obtaining Neon in Starfield, including where to buy it and the planets where it can be found.

How to Get Neon (Ne) Resource in Starfield

There are two primary ways to acquire Neon in Starfield: gathering it on planets and purchasing it from general stores. General stores such as Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis and Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City often offer Neon for sale, alongside other essential resources. If you prefer to obtain Neon without spending credits, you can embark on a journey to different planets and moons in search of this valuable resource. Harvesting it directly from the environment or utilizing outpost mining extractors are ideal methods for those looking to farm Neon.

Where to Buy Neon

If you’d rather skip the process of searching and gathering Neon manually, you have the option to buy it from various general stores scattered across Starfield. Jemison Mercantile, located in the bustling city of New Atlantis, is a reliable source for purchasing Neon. Shepherd’s General Store, situated in the vibrant Akila City, is another establishment where you can find Neon available for purchase. Keep in mind that prices may vary at different stores, so it’s worth exploring multiple locations to find the best deals.

Planets With Neon (Ne)

For the adventurous souls willing to explore the vastness of Starfield in search of Neon, certain planets and moons offer the opportunity to harvest this resource. Some notable locations include:

  1. Volii System: While hunting for Neon, don’t overlook the possibilities within the Volii system itself. Exploring planets within this system can lead to discovering higher concentrations of Neon deposits.

  2. Terra Nova: Head to this lush and vibrant planet to uncover Neon reserves amidst its diverse flora and fauna. Be prepared for potential encounters with indigenous creatures during your Neon expeditions on Terra Nova.

  3. Nexus Moon: Venturing to this satellite of a gas giant can prove fruitful, as Neon can be found scattered across its barren surface. Exercise caution and come prepared with appropriate gear to handle the moon’s harsh environment.

Remember, these are just a few examples of regions where Neon may be found. The vastness of Starfield holds numerous other hidden locations, awaiting intrepid explorers to stumble upon them.

What Is Neon Used for in Starfield?

Neon, or Ne, serves a crucial role in Starfield beyond its use as a crafting material. It finds extensive application in research and equipment modifications. By harnessing the properties of Neon, scientists and engineers in Starfield are able to improve the performance and capabilities of various technological advancements. From enhancing weapon systems to optimizing spacecraft engines, Neon plays an integral part in pushing the boundaries of innovation within the game.