How to Find Ursaluna’s Friend in Southern Ruins in Detective Pikachu Returns

Are you ready to embark on another thrilling case in Detective Pikachu Returns? In the second case, called “The Fabled Aurora,” you will encounter Ursaluna, a Pokémon in distress. Ursaluna needs your help as its friend has gone missing, and it’s up to you to solve this mystery. Get ready to put your sleuthing skills to the test as we guide you on how to find Ursaluna’s friend in the Southern Ruins.

Investigate the Ursaluna’s Local Concern

To begin your quests in finding Ursaluna’s friend, you must first accept its Local Concern. Ursaluna will approach you with its concerns, indicating that something has happened to its cherished companion. Being the talented detective that you are, it’s time to take on this case and uncover the truth.

Heading to the Southern Ruins

Once you have accepted Ursaluna’s Local Concern, it’s time to head to the Southern Ruins. These ancient ruins hold the key to finding Ursaluna’s missing friend. But be prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead, as the journey will be far from easy.

Exploring the Southern Ruins

As you step foot into the Southern Ruins, make sure to keep your eyes wide open for any clues or signs that might lead you to Ursaluna’s friend. The ruins may be vast and labyrinth-like, posing a challenge to even the most seasoned detectives. As you navigate through the ruins, be meticulous in your search and pay attention to any hints or markings you come across.

Interacting with NPCs

Throughout your exploration, it’s important to engage with the non-playable characters (NPCs) you encounter. These individuals may hold vital information that can assist you in finding Ursaluna’s friend. Pay careful attention to their dialogue and ask relevant questions to gather valuable clues. Remember, every detail matters in your pursuit of solving this mystery.

Utilizing Detective Pikachu’s Abilities

Your trusty partner, Detective Pikachu, possesses unique abilities that can aid you in your search. Make use of the detective’s enhanced senses and keen intuition to uncover hidden secrets within the Southern Ruins. Detective Pikachu’s unique perspective might just be the key to finding Ursaluna’s missing friend.

Deciphering Puzzles and Solving Riddles

As you delve deeper into the Southern Ruins, be prepared to encounter various puzzles and riddles that guard the secrets within. Sharpen your problem-solving skills and exercise your intellect to unravel these enigmatic challenges. Each puzzle you solve brings you one step closer to reuniting Ursaluna with its dear friend.

Persistence is Key

Finding Ursaluna’s friend may not be an easy task, but don’t lose hope. With each obstacle you overcome and every clue you decipher, you are making progress towards a resolution. Stay persistent and determined, and soon enough, you will locate the missing friend within the Southern Ruins.

The Joy of Reunion

Finally, after a meticulous investigation, you will have the joyous moment of reuniting Ursaluna with its long-lost friend. Witness the heartwarming bond between them, knowing that your efforts as a detective have been fruitful.

Brace yourself for an exciting and mystifying adventure as you search for Ursaluna’s friend in the Southern Ruins in Detective Pikachu Returns. Explore the ruins, interact with NPCs, solve puzzles, and embrace the challenge of being a detective. Remember to stay persistent, as the joy of reuniting Ursaluna with its friend will make every step of this journey worthwhile. Good luck, detective!