How to Get Tungsten in Starfield

Tungsten is a valuable resource in the widely anticipated game Starfield. This heavy but necessary material is essential for building various Outpost facilities during your intergalactic adventures. In this guide, we will explore the best ways to obtain tungsten, ensuring that you never miss out on this not-so-rare resource.

Where to Find Tungsten in Starfield

The most straightforward method of acquiring tungsten in Starfield is by gathering it from various planets. In the Alpha Centauri system, two planets stand out as early sources of tungsten: Voss and Bondar. Let’s take a closer look at each location:

  1. Voss: Head to Voss and embark on an exploration mission. While exploring this planet, keep an eye out for tungsten minerals scattered throughout its terrain. You can often find them near rocky areas or within caves.

  2. Bondar: Another fruitful planet for obtaining tungsten is Bondar. This planet offers a peaceful environment, making it easier for you to navigate and find the valuable mineral. Upon landing at the Civilian Outpost, look for tungsten minerals nearby.

It’s worth mentioning that while these planets provide reliable sources of tungsten, they are not the only locations where you can find this resource. Explore different galaxies, discover new planets, and always be on the lookout for valuable tungsten deposits.

Where to Buy Tungsten in Starfield

In addition to finding tungsten through exploration, you can also purchase this resource from various in-game merchants. These merchants are located in space stations, outposts, and trading hubs scattered throughout the Starfield universe. Keep an eye out for marketplaces where you can acquire tungsten in exchange for credits.

When buying tungsten, it’s advisable to compare prices from different merchants. Prices may vary based on supply and demand, so ensure you choose the most cost-effective option. Accumulating tungsten through purchases can supplement your collection and provide an alternative to solely relying on exploration.

What is Tungsten Used for in Starfield

Tungsten serves a crucial role in the development and expansion of your Outpost facilities in Starfield. This resource is specifically required for constructing vital structures that contribute to the overall functionality and efficiency of your outpost. Without a sufficient supply of tungsten, you may face limitations in expanding your outpost and pursuing further exploration.

Ensure that you collect and stock up on a sizeable amount of tungsten to guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted gameplay experience. By strategically prioritizing the acquisition of this resource, you can successfully build and enhance your Outpost facilities, leading to a more prosperous journey through the Starfield universe.

Remember, staying prepared with ample quantities of tungsten ensures that you can focus on your galactic exploration without unnecessary delays or setbacks. Happy gathering, and may your adventures in Starfield be filled with abundant tungsten reserves!