How to Find All Hide-and-Seek Cleffa in Southern Ruins in Detective Pikachu Returns

Ready or not, here I come.

When exploring the Southern Ruins in The Fabled Aurora case in Detective Pikachu Returns, you’ll stumble upon a Cleffa with a Local Concern. She seeks assistance in locating her three friends who are playing hide-and-seek. This guide will help you find all three Cleffa in the Southern Ruins.

Cleffa #1: Behind the Ancient Statue

The first Cleffa can be found behind an ancient statue located near the entrance of the Southern Ruins. As you enter the ruins, head to your right and look for a tall statue. Make sure to interact with it as the first Cleffa might be hiding right behind it.

Cleffa #2: Among the Overgrown Vines

To find the second Cleffa, you need to traverse deeper into the Southern Ruins. As you explore, keep an eye out for overgrown vines along the walls. Proceed towards the area where the vines are particularly dense and tangled. You’ll likely spot the second Cleffa happily hidden among the foliage.

Cleffa #3: At the Top of the Stone Stairs

The final Cleffa waits for you at the top of the stone stairs in the Southern Ruins. Continue your journey through the ruins and climb up the stairs until you reach the highest point. There, you’ll find the third Cleffa enjoying the scenic view. Approach it carefully and complete the hide-and-seek challenge.

Congratulations! You have successfully located all three Cleffa in the Southern Ruins in Detective Pikachu Returns. Take a moment to appreciate your achievement before proceeding with the rest of the case.

Remember, solving The Fabled Aurora case requires keen observation skills and attention to detail. If you encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from Detective Pikachu.

Happy sleuthing!