How to Get and Farm Lair Keys Fast in Destiny 2

Lair Keys are essential items in Destiny 2 that allow players to unlock Lair Chests at the end of Riven’s Lair. These chests provide valuable loot, including seasonal weapons and armor. However, acquiring Lair Keys can be a time-consuming task if you don’t know the most efficient methods. In this guide, we will share some strategies to help you farm Lair Keys quickly in Destiny 2.

1. Complete Weekly Milestones

One of the easiest ways to obtain Lair Keys is by completing weekly milestones. These milestones often reward players with powerful gear and have a chance to drop Lair Keys alongside other valuable items. Make sure to focus on completing activities such as Strikes, Nightfall Strikes, and Crucible matches as these can reward you with Lair Keys.

2. Participate in Public Events and Lost Sectors

Public Events and Lost Sectors are great sources for obtaining Lair Keys. These activities can be found on different planets in Destiny 2 and offer a chance to earn various rewards, including Lair Keys. Keep an eye out for Heroic Public Events, as they have an increased chance of dropping Lair Keys upon completion.

3. Explore Dreaming City

Dreaming City is a location in Destiny 2 that offers numerous activities and events for players to engage in. By participating in activities such as Blind Well and Ascendant Challenges, you can earn Lair Keys as rewards. Additionally, completing the weekly Ascendant Challenge has a higher chance of granting you Lair Keys.

4. Take on Raids and Raid Challenges

Raids are challenging end-game activities in Destiny 2 that offer some of the best rewards, including Lair Keys. By completing different encounters within raids and overcoming various challenges, you can earn Lair Keys as a reward. Make sure to gather a skilled group of players and coordinate your efforts to tackle these difficult activities.

5. Exchange Tokens with the Spider

The Spider, a vendor in Destiny 2’s Tangled Shore, offers a weekly rotation of items that can be purchased with various currencies, including tokens. Occasionally, he may have Lair Keys available for sale. Make sure to check his inventory regularly and exchange your tokens for Lair Keys if they are available.

6. Join a Clan

Being a part of an active and helpful clan can significantly improve your chances of obtaining Lair Keys. Many clans organize regular raid runs, milestone completions, and other activities that reward Lair Keys. By participating in these clan activities, you not only improve your chances of getting Lair Keys but also enhance your overall gaming experience.

7. Enhance Your Efficiency

To farm Lair Keys as quickly as possible, it’s important to optimize your gameplay. Utilize weapons and gear that increase your damage output and survivability. Efficiently clear enemies and complete objectives in different activities to maximize your rewards. Additionally, consider using consumables and modifiers that can enhance your loot drops and increase your chances of finding Lair Keys.

8. Prioritize Time-Limited Events

Destiny 2 often introduces time-limited events, such as seasonal events or holiday-themed activities. These events usually offer unique rewards, including Lair Keys. Make sure to prioritize participating in these events during their active periods to maximize your chances of acquiring Lair Keys before the event ends.

Keep in mind that acquiring Lair Keys may require some patience and persistence. However, by following these strategies and staying dedicated to your goal, you’ll find yourself with an abundance of Lair Keys in no time. Good luck, Guardian!