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EVE Vanguard: A New Era of Planetary Exploration in the EVE Online Universe

EVE Online, the renowned sci-fi MMORPG set in the vast universe of New Eden, has always captivated players with its immense star systems and epic space battles. However, for those yearning to experience the thrill of planetary exploration and on-foot combat, the previous attempt, Dust 514, fell short of expectations. But now, CCP Games is set to introduce EVE Vanguard, a shooter module built in Unreal Engine 5, aiming to deliver the immersive experience that Dust 514 couldn’t.

The Rebirth of FPS in the EVE Universe

From 2013 to 2016, CCP Games ventured into the FPS genre with Dust 514. Unfortunately, due to low player numbers, the game was eventually shut down. Determined not to repeat past mistakes, CCP Games returns with Vanguard as a fresh attempt to bring a human-scale component to the expansive EVE universe. Unlike Dust 514, Vanguard will not be sold as a separate game; instead, it will be integrated as a “module” within EVE Online, sharing the same launcher and offering free-to-play access.

The World of Vanguards and Infomorphs

As players dive into the immersive realm of Vanguard, they will assume the role of an “Infomorph” – a distinct character separate from their capsuleer avatar in EVE Online. Infomorphs, utilizing cloning technology, achieve functional immortality by transferring their consciousness into specialized war clones called Vanguards. When faced with peril, players can simply activate a new clone. This unique gameplay mechanic adds an intriguing layer of depth to Vanguard’s immersive sci-fi experience.

A Gameplay Experience Like No Other

Vanguard draws inspiration from the extraction shooter genre, where players deploy their clone on planetside missions to engage in fierce battles against NPC enemies and rival players, with the ultimate goal of acquiring valuable loot. However, caution is crucial, as initiating an evacuation call to extract earned rewards will attract nearby players who may try to seize your hard-earned spoils. The decision of when and where to hail a space cab becomes a strategic element, fostering intense and dynamic gameplay.

From Solo Endeavors to Cooperative Alliances

While solo gameplay is possible in Vanguard, it is undeniably challenging. In the true spirit of EVE’s cutthroat ecosystem, coordinated team play provides a decisive advantage over lone wolves. That being said, forming ad-hoc alliances with other Vanguards encountered along the way is an option. Beware, though, as trust can be fleeting, and betrayal may lurk behind every corner. In the relentless struggle for power and wealth, it’s not uncommon for Vanguards to turn on their temporary allies. After all, survival is paramount.

A Self-Sufficient Experience with Future Integration

Upon its launch, Vanguard will be somewhat connected to EVE Online, albeit in limited ways. CCP Games aims to provide Vanguard players who solely wish to focus on the planetary shooter module with a full gameplay loop and dedicated progression systems that don’t rely heavily on the spaceship-oriented gameplay of EVE Online. As the module evolves, CCP Games envisions deeper integration between Vanguard and the rest of EVE, allowing players to engage in planetside industries and undertake contract jobs from spaceborne capsuleers.

Expanding the Frontiers: First Strike and Beyond

In December, eager players will have the opportunity to get their first taste of Vanguard with the First Strike playtest, featuring a single, massive map. Looking ahead, CCP Games plans to utilize controlled randomness to generate additional warzones based on the numerous planets scattered throughout New Eden. However, it’s important to note that the generated environments won’t reach the scale of a game like No Man’s Sky. CCP believes that maintaining a high standard of quality and handcrafted elements is crucial for delivering an engaging shooter experience.

Blaze New Trails in EVE Vanguard

EVE Vanguard marks a new chapter in the evolution of EVE Online, offering players the chance to explore and conquer the previously inaccessible worlds of New Eden from a first-person perspective. With its visually stunning Unreal Engine 5 graphics and immersive gameplay mechanics, Vanguard promises an exhilarating sci-fi adventure. Prepare to step into the boots of a Vanguard, scavenge the riches of distant planets, and engage in thrilling battles where trust is scarce and survival is paramount.