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How to Find the Soccer Pokemon in Detective Pikachu 2: The Missing Jewel Case

As you embark on the thrilling adventure in Detective Pikachu Returns: The Missing Jewel case, you might encounter a young boy in Ryme City plaza who needs your help with a Local Concern side quest. His request is to find a Pokemon that excels at playing soccer to assist him in his training. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to locate the elusive soccer Pokemon in Detective Pikachu 2.

Finding the Exact Location

To begin your search for the soccer Pokemon, head right from the boy’s location and exit the plaza. Your next destination is Denis Mansion, but instead of entering the manor, continue to the right, past the building’s gates. Be aware that a gate in the bottom right corner is somewhat hidden, so keep an eye out. Proceed through this gate to enter Serenity Park, where your journey continues.

Exploring Serenity Park

Once you enter Serenity Park, be prepared for an immersive experience amidst lush greenery and serene surroundings. The beauty of this park is unparalleled, but your primary objective is to locate the soccer Pokemon. Follow these tips to maximize your chances of encountering it:

  1. Pay Attention to Audio Cues: As you explore the park, listen closely for any distinctive sounds that may indicate the presence of the soccer Pokemon. It’s known to make unique noises and chirps, helping you identify its whereabouts.

  2. Check Hiding Spots: The soccer Pokemon loves finding cozy spots to hide, such as behind trees, bushes, or even within the flowerbeds. Take your time and inspect these hiding spots carefully.

  3. Interact with NPCs: Engage in conversations with non-playable characters (NPCs) you encounter in the park. They might provide valuable clues or information about the soccer Pokemon’s recent sightings.

  4. Use Detective Pikachu’s Skills: Leverage Detective Pikachu’s special abilities, such as its unique sense of smell and keen observation skills, to uncover hidden paths or secrets within Serenity Park. Trust the iconic detective’s instincts to guide you in the right direction.

  5. Explore the Park Thoroughly: Serenity Park is vast and offers numerous nooks and crannies to explore. Be patient and thorough in your search, checking every corner of the park to increase your chances of discovering the soccer Pokemon.

Training with the Soccer Pokemon

Once you successfully find the soccer Pokemon in Serenity Park, return to the young boy in Ryme City plaza. Help him establish a bond with the soccer Pokemon and guide them through training sessions. Practice soccer-related activities, such as passing the ball or scoring goals, to improve their skills and assist the little boy in achieving his training goals.

Remember, the soccer Pokemon boasts exceptional abilities on the field, so utilize its unique talents to enhance your training sessions. As the bond between the boy and the soccer Pokemon strengthens, you’ll witness remarkable progress in their soccer techniques.

The journey to find the soccer Pokemon in Detective Pikachu 2: The Missing Jewel case is both exciting and rewarding. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll have a higher chance of locating the soccer Pokemon in Serenity Park and helping the young boy in his training endeavors.

Remember to explore every nook and cranny of the park, interact with NPCs, and use Detective Pikachu’s skills to your advantage. With persistence and determination, you’ll forge a remarkable bond with the soccer Pokemon and create unforgettable memories in the world of Detective Pikachu Returns.

Happy hunting, and may your soccer adventures in Ryme City be a roaring success!