Where to Find All Drained Conch Cups in Genshin Impact

All for the holy sword!

The Drained Conch Cups are a special item in Genshin Impact found scattered all around the region of Fontaine, usually hidden in some unusual places. Although they were initially useless, they can now be used to unveil a weapon’s true potential, and here’s where you can find all of them.

All Drained Conch Cups Locations in Genshin Impact

There’s a total of four Drained Conch Cups to be found in Fontaine. You might already have some of them by the time you get the blade, but some will have you working hard for them. Let’s dive into the details of each location:

1 - Narzissenkreuz Ordo

The first Drained Conch Cup can be found in Narzissenkreuz Ordo, a stunning yet treacherous area of Fontaine. To locate this hidden cup, make your way to the southeastern part of the region, near the edge of the water. Look for a small alcove tucked away under a cliff. Inside this alcove, you’ll find the Drained Conch Cup waiting to be discovered.

2 - Institute of Natural Philosophy

The second Drained Conch Cup can be found within the Institute of Natural Philosophy, an academic institution renowned for its extensive research in Fontaine. Head to the main courtyard of the institute and observe the surroundings closely. You will notice a water fountain with a statue in the center. Approach the fountain, and beneath the statue, you’ll find the hidden Drained Conch Cup.

3 - Bravais’ Hidden Study

To locate the third Drained Conch Cup, you must embark on a thrilling adventure to Bravais’ Hidden Study. This secret study is situated amidst the breathtaking cliffs of Fontaine, providing an awe-inspiring view of the surroundings. As you explore the hidden study, keep an eye out for a small nook tucked away near one of the bookshelves. The Drained Conch Cup will be waiting for you there.

4 - Loch Urania

The final Drained Conch Cup is nestled in the depths of Loch Urania, a mystifying and enchanting underwater location in Fontaine. Dive into the crystalline waters of the loch and venture deeper until you come across an underwater cave. Inside this cave, you will stumble upon the elusive Drained Conch Cup, hidden amongst the marine flora.

What Are Drained Conch Cups in Genshin Impact?

Drained Conch Cups are unique treasures in Genshin Impact that hold a significant role in unlocking a weapon’s true potential. Initially considered useless artifacts, these cups were believed to be remnants of a forgotten age. However, recent discoveries have revealed their true purpose. When utilized correctly, Drained Conch Cups possess the ability to reveal the hidden power within certain weapons.

Where to Use Drained Conch Cups in Genshin Impact

Once you have gathered all the Drained Conch Cups scattered throughout Fontaine, you can take them to the hidden shrine deep within the region. This shrine is shrouded in mystery and accessible only to those who possess the four Drained Conch Cups. By placing the cups in the shrine, the hidden power of select weapons can be unlocked, unleashing their true potential and granting enhanced abilities.

Unlocking the power of weapons with Drained Conch Cups in Genshin Impact adds a thrilling element to gameplay, providing players with powerful tools to overcome challenging foes and progress in their adventures.

Remember to explore every nook and cranny of Fontaine to uncover these hidden treasures and reveal the full potential of your weapons in Genshin Impact!