Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu Returns: All Quiz Professor Answers & Pokemon Locations in Southern Ruins

Just like in Serenity Park in The Missing Jewel, the Quiz Professor has another set of questions for you in the Southern Ruins in The Fabled Aurora in Detective Pikachu Returns. Here’s how to answer them all correctly, including the exact locations of the Pokemon you need to find in Detective Pikachu 2.

All Quiz Professor Answers & Exact Pokemon Locations

The Quiz Professor has three questions for you to answer. And like before, just supplying her with the correct answers isn’t enough – you must go out and track down the corresponding Pokemon, too. Here’s how to answer her correctly and find the Pokemon:

Question #1: “What Winged Pokemon Has a Round Body and Adorable Eyes?”

To answer the first question posed by the Quiz Professor, you need to identify a winged Pokemon with a round body and adorable eyes. The answer to this question is the beloved Pokemon, Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff is known for its round shape and charming eyes. In order to find Jigglypuff in the Southern Ruins, head towards the southwest corner of the area. You’ll find Jigglypuff resting among the ruins, waiting to be discovered.

Question #2: “What Pokemon Has a Blocky Body, Impressive Jaws, and Will Shock You if You Touch It?”

For the second question, the Quiz Professor is looking for a Pokemon with a blocky body, impressive jaws, and a shocking ability. The correct answer to this question is the electrifying Pokemon, Pikachu. With its iconic blocky physique, Pikachu showcases its power through its electric shocks. To spot Pikachu in the Southern Ruins, make your way to the eastern section of the area. You’ll find Pikachu lurking near the electrically charged ruins, ready to zap any unsuspecting trainers who dare to touch it.

Question #3: “What Pokemon is Soft and Fluffy All Over?”

The third question tests your knowledge of soft and fluffy Pokemon. The correct answer is none other than the adorable furball, Eevee. Known for its soft and fluffy coat, Eevee is a popular choice among trainers. To find Eevee in the Southern Ruins, head towards the northern part of the area. Look out for Eevee playing amidst the ruins, showcasing its charming and cuddly appearance.

Do You Get a Reward For Answering All the Quiz Professor’s Questions?

Now, you might be wondering if there’s a special reward for successfully answering all of the Quiz Professor’s questions and finding the Pokemon in the Southern Ruins. Well, the answer is a resounding “yes!” Upon successfully completing the quiz and locating all the Pokemon, you will be rewarded with a special item that will aid you on your journey in Detective Pikachu Returns. So make sure to put your detective skills to the test and seize this opportunity to earn an exciting reward.