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Detective Pikachu Returns: How to Find the Soft and Fluffy Pokemon (Quiz Professor)

As you embark on your adventure in the Southern Ruins during The Fabled Aurora case in Detective Pikachu Returns, you will come across a fascinating and challenging encounter with the Quiz Professor and her trusted companion, Toucannon. Among the professor’s inquiries, the final question she poses perplexes many trainers, prompting them to search for a Pokemon that is described as “soft and fluffy all over.” This article aims to guide you on how to find this enigmatic creature in Detective Pikachu 2.

What Pokemon is Soft and Fluffy All Over?

In the vast world of Pokemon, numerous creatures possess fluffy and cuddly appearances, such as Mareep, Whimsicott, and Altaria. However, these adorable Pokemon are not the answer to the Quiz Professor’s question. In fact, the correct answer lies within the roster of Generation 8 Grass-type Pokemon – Eldegoss.

Eldegoss, the evolved form of the charming Gossifleur, is a Pokemon known for its soft and fluffy appearance. Its cotton-like seeds and fluffy tufts make it an unmistakable choice for the Quiz Professor’s description. While other Pokemon may exhibit some degree of fluffiness, Eldegoss truly embodies the soft and fluffy qualities sought after by the professor.

Now that you know the answer, let’s delve into the specifics of finding this delightful Pokemon in Detective Pikachu 2.

Step 1: Progress through The Fabled Aurora Case

Before encountering the Quiz Professor and her challenging questions, you must first make progress in The Fabled Aurora case. This thrilling storyline will lead you to the Southern Ruins, uncovering captivating mysteries along the way.

Step 2: Locate the Quiz Professor

Once you’ve reached the Southern Ruins, keep an eye out for the Quiz Professor. She is usually situated in a noticeable spot, eager to test your Pokemon knowledge. Prepare yourself for a set of three questions, with the final one inquiring about the soft and fluffy Pokemon.

Step 3: Provide the Correct Answer

When the Quiz Professor presents you with the question regarding the soft and fluffy Pokemon, confidently answer “Eldegoss.” This grass-type Pokemon perfectly fits the description, and your answer will not only advance the storyline but also showcase your expertise as a Pokemon trainer.

Step 4: Continue Exploring Detective Pikachu 2

After successfully answering the Quiz Professor’s final question, the storyline in Detective Pikachu 2 will progress, allowing you to embark on new adventures and unravel further mysteries surrounding the Fabled Aurora case. Embrace the journey as you continue your exploration alongside the adorable and intelligent Pikachu.

So, be prepared to encounter the Quiz Professor during your pursuit of the Fabled Aurora case and impress her with your knowledge by providing the correct answer - Eldegoss, the soft and fluffy Pokemon. As you progress through Detective Pikachu Returns, remember to cherish the captivating world, delightful characters, and the joy of discovering new Pokemon species along the way.

Happy hunting, aspiring Pokemon trainers!