Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu Returns: How to Find the Cute Pokemon That Steals (Quiz Professor)

As sneaky as a cat.

During your thrilling adventure in Serenity Park in Detective Pikachu Returns, you’ll encounter the enigmatic Quiz Professor, who challenges you to answer three Pokemon-related questions. However, there’s a catch - you can only unveil the correct answers once you’ve successfully located the corresponding Pokemon within the bustling Ryme City. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find the elusive cute Pokemon that specializes in thievery, exclusively in the captivating chapter “The Missing Jewel” in Detective Pikachu 2.

Unmasking the Thief

Question: “What Pokemon Uses Its Cute Looks to Put You Off Your Guard So it Can Steal From You?”

In the vast realm of the National Pokedex, several Pokemon possess an irresistible combination of cuteness and sneakiness. However, only one Pokemon truly fits the description in question - Purrloin. This mischievous Gen 5 Pokemon may appear absolutely adorable but beware, as it will swiftly pickpocket your wallet before you have a chance to react.

In order to complete the Quiz Professor’s challenge and provide the correct answer, you must first embark on a quest to locate and capture Purrloin within Ryme City.

The Search for Purrloin Begins

To begin your search for the elusive Purrloin, it’s crucial to focus your efforts within Ryme City. This bustling urban metropolis serves as the central location for Detective Pikachu 2, and it’s here that you’ll find the answers you seek.

  1. Exploring City Streets and Parks: Purrloin is known to frequent the city’s vibrant streets and parks, often blending in seamlessly with the busy crowds. Keep your eyes peeled for any signs of this mischievous feline Pokemon as you explore the lively cityscape.

  2. Interacting with Locals: Speak with the locals of Ryme City, as they might possess valuable information about the whereabouts of Purrloin. Engaging in conversations can often lead to unexpected clues and hints that will aid in your quest.

  3. Uncovering Clues: Investigate notable landmarks, shops, and other key locations within Ryme City. Piecing together clues and rumors surrounding Purrloin’s activities may provide insight into its preferred hiding spots.

  4. Utilizing Detective Pikachu’s Expertise: Teaming up with the witty and resourceful Detective Pikachu will prove invaluable in your search for Purrloin. His unique abilities and sharp instincts will assist you in uncovering hidden leads and navigating through the urban maze of Ryme City.

Capturing Purrloin

Once you’ve successfully tracked down Purrloin’s hiding place, it’s time to put your Pokemon catching skills to the test. Here are some tips to help you in capturing this cunning thief:

  1. Prepare Your Team: Before engaging in a battle with Purrloin, ensure that your team of Pokemon is well-prepared. Have a diverse mix of Pokemon types to counter any potential advantages that Purrloin may possess.

  2. Use Effective Techniques: Purrloin is known for its agility and clever tactics. Employing moves that can lower its Speed or Accuracy will increase your chances of success.

  3. Be Patient: Purrloin’s nimble nature may make it challenging to capture. It may attempt to flee or use deceptive moves to try and evade capture. Stay focused, patient, and keep trying until you successfully add Purrloin to your team.

  4. Build a Strong Bond: Once captured, take the time to bond with Purrloin and train it diligently. Cultivating a strong bond will not only enhance its performance in battles but also deepen the connection between you and this mischievous Pokemon.

With Purrloin now in your team, you can proudly return to the Quiz Professor and confidently answer his question regarding the cute Pokemon that uses its adorable looks as a deceptive strategy to steal from unsuspecting victims.

Finding and capturing Purrloin within Ryme City is a thrilling endeavor that spans the captivating chapters of Detective Pikachu Returns. As you traverse the bustling city streets, interact with the locals, and diligently search for clues, remember to stay vigilant and prepared for the unexpected. With your Pokemon expertise and Detective Pikachu’s guidance, you’ll soon catch the cunning Purrloin and successfully answer the Quiz Professor’s challenging question. Embark on this adventure now and unravel the secrets hidden within Detective Pikachu 2!