How to Beat the Millennial Pearl Seahorse in Genshin Impact

The latest update in Genshin Impact introduced a new boss called the Millennial Pearl Seahorse. This mystical creature resides in the upper regions of Fontaine, hiding in a cavern deep within the depths. With movements resembling that of a horse, the Millennial Pearl Seahorse poses a formidable challenge, especially for new players. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the key aspects of this boss fight, including weak points and strategies to emerge victorious.

Understanding the Millennial Pearl Seahorse

Before diving into the battle, it is crucial to understand the characteristics and behavior of the Millennial Pearl Seahorse. This boss is Electro-heavy, meaning it uses powerful Electric attacks that can deal substantial damage if not effectively countered. To overcome this challenge, you need to come prepared with the right team composition and elemental strategies.

Elements that Counter the Millennial Pearl Seahorse

To effectively counter the Millennial Pearl Seahorse, your team should utilize specific elements that exploit its weaknesses. While the boss is not particularly weak against Frozen reactions, it is susceptible to Cryo damage. Bring a Cryo character to the battle to make the most impact and inflict significant damage on the boss. Other elements such as Pyro and Dendro can also be effective, although Cryo remains the most potent element to exploit its weak spot.

Weak Points and Attack Patterns

Identifying the weak points of the Millennial Pearl Seahorse is crucial to dealing maximum damage. The boss has several vulnerable spots, including its head, back, and tail. Focus your attacks on these weak points to maximize your chances of victory. However, be cautious as the Millennial Pearl Seahorse boasts swift and powerful attacks. Watch out for its electrifying charges and sweeping attacks, as they can catch you off guard and drain your HP rapidly.

Strategies for Victory

Now that you understand the Millennial Pearl Seahorse’s characteristics, let’s explore effective strategies to defeat this challenging boss and claim victory.

Team Composition

Building an optimal team composition is essential for success in any boss fight. When facing the Millennial Pearl Seahorse, consider including the following characters in your lineup:

  1. Cryo DPS Main: Choose a Cryo character such as Ganyu or Qiqi as your main damage dealer. Their Cryo abilities will be crucial in exploiting the boss’s weaknesses and dealing significant damage.
  2. Healer Support: Including a healer like Barbara or Jean is essential to keep your team’s HP sustained throughout the battle. The boss’s powerful attacks demand a robust healing mechanism.
  3. Elemental Burst Support: Characters with powerful elemental burst abilities, such as Diluc or Klee, can provide additional damage and help break through the boss’s defenses.

Ensure that your team has a good balance of damage dealers and support characters to maintain a steady offense while mitigating incoming damage.

Elemental Reactions and Combos

Leveraging elemental reactions is crucial in any boss fight, and the battle against the Millennial Pearl Seahorse is no exception. Here are some effective elemental combos to consider:

  1. Cryo + Electro: Combine Cryo and Electro abilities to trigger the Superconduct reaction, which reduces the boss’s defense, allowing for more damage.
  2. Cryo + Hydro: Triggering the Freeze reaction with Cryo and Hydro abilities can temporarily immobilize the boss, giving you a window of opportunity to unleash devastating attacks.
  3. Pyro + Dendro: Utilize Pyro and Dendro abilities to trigger the Burning reaction, which applies damage over time and weakens the boss’s defenses.

Experiment with different elemental combinations to find the most effective strategies that suit your team composition and playstyle.

Dodging and Timing

The Millennial Pearl Seahorse’s attacks can be relentless, requiring precise timing and agility to evade. Mastering the art of dodging is crucial in mitigating damage during the battle. Watch for visual cues and telegraphed moves to anticipate the boss’s attacks and dodge at the right moment. Timing your dodges effectively will allow you to maintain a steady offensive and avoid unnecessary damage.

Defeating the Millennial Pearl Seahorse in Genshin Impact’s latest update requires strategic planning, elemental synergy, and precise execution. By understanding the boss’s weak points, building the right team composition, and leveraging elemental reactions, you can emerge victorious and claim the rewards that await. Prepare yourself for an electrifying battle and showcase your skills as you defeat this formidable creature in the depths of Fontaine.