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WoW SoD: How to Complete Stolen Power Quest in Classic: Season of Discovery (Human Warlock)

As a Human Warlock in World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery, one of the first and crucial quests you’ll encounter is the Stolen Power quest. This questline will grant you access to the Rune of Haunting, an essential ability for your Warlock class. In this guide, we will walk you through how to start and complete the Stolen Power quest in WoW SoD.

How to Start Stolen Power Quest in WoW SoD

Before embarking on the Stolen Power quest, you must first complete the Tainted Letter quest offered by Marshal McBride inside the Northshire Abbey door. Accept this quest to begin your journey in obtaining the stolen power for your Human Warlock.

The Tainted Letter quest requires you to gather tainted apples from murlocs near the river just north of Northshire Abbey. Defeat the murlocs and collect the tainted apples they drop. Once you have collected enough apples, return to Marshal McBride to complete the quest.

After turning in the Tainted Letter quest, Marshal McBride will provide you with the Stolen Power quest. This quest signifies the start of your journey to acquire the Rune of Haunting and enhance your Warlock abilities.

How to Complete Stolen Power Quest

To complete the Stolen Power quest, you need to locate Brother Sammuel at the border of Elwynn Forest and Westfall. Follow the road west from Northshire Abbey until you reach a fork where you can either go north to Goldshire or south to Westfall. Take the southern path towards Westfall.

Continue along the road until you spot Brother Sammuel standing near a small camp by the road. Talk to him, and he will provide you with further instructions for the quest. In this part of the quest, you must retrieve a Relic Bundle from the nearby Defias Bandits.

Venture into the forest and slay the Defias Bandits until you find a Relic Bundle. Once you have obtained the bundle, return to Brother Sammuel and hand it over to him. He will reward you for your efforts and offer you the next quest in the chain.

Stolen Power Quest Rewards

Completing the Stolen Power questline comes with several rewards. Firstly, you will gain the Rune of Haunting, a powerful ability that allows you to summon Haunting Spirits to aid you in battle. This ability greatly complements the Warlock’s arsenal of spells and curses.

Additionally, completing the Stolen Power questline grants you experience points, reputation gains, and valuable items. These rewards contribute to your overall progression as a Human Warlock and set the foundation for future quests and challenges.

How to Complete The Stolen Tome Quest

After successfully concluding the Stolen Power quest, Brother Sammuel will entrust you with the next task: The Stolen Tome quest. This quest continues your Warlock journey and delves deeper into the realm of dark magic.

To complete The Stolen Tome quest, you must venture into The Deadmines, a challenging underground dungeon located in Westfall. Assemble a group of fellow adventurers to tackle the dangers lurking within and retrieve the stolen tome.

Navigate through The Deadmines, defeat the treacherous enemies, and locate the stolen tome. Once you secure the tome, make your way back to Brother Sammuel to complete the quest and unlock further progression for your Warlock character.

The Stolen Tome Quest Rewards

The completion of The Stolen Tome quest rewards you with significant experience points and unlocks powerful Warlock abilities. Alongside the experience gained from conquering The Deadmines, you will gain reputation with key factions and acquire valuable loot to aid you on your future endeavors.

By successfully completing the Stolen Power questline and The Stolen Tome quest, you are on the path to becoming a formidable Human Warlock in World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery. Embrace the stolen powers and embrace the darker side of magic as you face new challenges and unlock your true potential as a Warlock.

Remember to enjoy the journey and seize every opportunity to grow in power. Good luck, brave Warlock!