Lies Of P

Lies of P: Should You Kill or Spare Alidoro?

After the intense events of Chapter IX in the gripping game Lies of P, players find themselves returning to the ravaged Hotel Krat. Along the way, they have picked up subtle hints indicating that Alidoro, a previously trusted companion, has been betraying them and colluding with the Alchemists, ultimately leading to the devastating attack. As players enter the hotel and progress to Chapter X, they are faced with a critical decision — should they kill or spare Alidoro?

Stepping Back from Alidoro in Lies of P

Upon overcoming the challenges posed by the Brotherhood of the Black Rabbit in the Relic of Trismegistus, players encounter none other than Alidoro. Seemingly non-threatening, Alidoro expresses admiration for the player’s ability to defeat the entire brotherhood, even if it took a few attempts. He also reveals information about a submarine that players can utilize as they continue their journey.

The question of whether to attack or ignore Alidoro arises at this juncture. It’s important to consider the implications of each choice.

Attacking Alidoro in Lies of P

Choosing to attack Alidoro can be a tempting option, particularly given the betrayal and collaboration he is involved in. By eliminating him, players can seek retribution and ensure their safety moving forward. However, this path may come at a cost.

The consequences of attacking Alidoro go beyond the act itself. It may lead to a significant shift in the game’s narrative and impact the relationships between other characters. Players may find themselves isolated or face unforeseen challenges as a result of this choice. However, the satisfaction of delivering justice and removing a potential threat may outweigh the risks for some players.

Can You Still Buy Special Weapons If You Kill Alidoro?

One aspect players may be concerned about when contemplating Alidoro’s fate is the availability of special weapons. Fortunately, even if you choose to eliminate him, the option to purchase special weapons won’t be entirely lost. The game provides alternative routes and strategies to acquire these valuable assets, ensuring that players can still enhance their gameplay experience regardless of their decision regarding Alidoro.

Ultimately, the choice to kill or spare Alidoro in Lies of P comes down to personal values and strategies. Players must weigh the desire for justice and security against the potential consequences and impact on the game’s storyline. Both paths offer unique challenges and rewards, ensuring a truly immersive and personalized gaming experience.

In the world of Lies of P, the choices players make hold significant weight and shape the outcome of the game. Choose wisely as you confront this pivotal decision in determining Alidoro’s destiny. Will you spare this treacherous character, or will you bring about their ultimate demise? The power is in your hands.