Portable gaming has become increasingly popular over the years, allowing gamers to take their favorite PC games on the go. With the introduction of the Steam Deck by Valve, the possibility of playing games like Payday 3 while on a road trip or during travel has become a reality. In this article, we will explore whether Payday 3 can run well on the Steam Deck and the considerations you need to keep in mind.

Can You Play Payday 3 On Steam Deck?

The answer is yes, you can play Payday 3 on the Steam Deck. However, there are a few important things to note before diving into the heists while on the go. Payday 3 is an always-online game, which means that a stable internet connection is required to play. This means that if you plan on playing while away from Wi-Fi networks, you will need to ensure you have a reliable data plan on your phone to use as a hotspot for online connectivity.

It’s worth mentioning that even playing solo in Payday 3 requires an internet connection. However, there is a possibility that the developers may work on a fix for this in the future. In the meantime, make sure to prepare by upgrading your data plan or considering alternative options for internet access while gaming on the Steam Deck.

Factors to Consider for Smooth Gameplay

While the ability to play Payday 3 on the Steam Deck is exciting, it’s important to consider certain factors that may affect gameplay. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind:

Internet Connectivity:

As mentioned earlier, a stable internet connection is crucial for playing Payday 3 on the Steam Deck. Ensure that you have a reliable data plan or access to Wi-Fi hotspots to maintain a smooth gaming experience.

Hardware Specifications:

The performance of Payday 3 on the Steam Deck will depend on its hardware specifications. The Steam Deck boasts impressive hardware, including a powerful CPU and GPU, designed to handle demanding PC games. However, keep in mind that optimization for the Steam Deck may vary across different game titles, including Payday 3.

Controls and Interface:

The Steam Deck offers a physical controller and a touchscreen interface. While this provides flexibility for gameplay, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the controls and interface to make the most out of your gaming experience. Payday 3’s gameplay mechanics may require some adjustments to accommodate the portable nature of the Steam Deck.

Battery Life:

Playing games on the go can drain the battery of any portable device. The Steam Deck is equipped with a sizable battery, but it’s advisable to manage your gaming sessions to extend the battery life. Consider carrying a portable charger or power bank if you plan on extended gameplay during travel.