Dead By Daylight

The Bone Chill event in Dead by Daylight: When to Expect the Winter Festivities

Winter has arrived, and Dead by Daylight enthusiasts are in for a chilling treat. With the holiday season right around the corner, the popular asymmetrical horror game is gearing up to amaze players with its much-anticipated Bone Chill event. Get ready to delve into this guide as we explore all the compelling details about the event’s start date, exclusive rewards, and exciting additional features.

When Does Bone Chill Start In Dead by Daylight?

For those eager to collect enticing rewards such as Bloodpoints, Rift Shards, and Iridescent Shards, mark your calendars for December 1st, as the Bone Chill event commences on this day. Scheduled to start around 11:00AM ET, players will be able to dive into the chilling festivities and immerse themselves in the wintry ambiance.

What Rewards Are Available During Bone Chill in Dead by Daylight?

As sleigh bells jingle and snowflakes fall, Dead by Daylight brings forth an array of thrilling rewards for players to unlock during the Bone Chill event. Get ready to embrace the holiday spirit and earn enticing Bloodpoints, Rift Shards, and Iridescent Shards.

  1. Bloodpoints: These valuable in-game currency points can be utilized to level up characters, unlock powerful perks, and enhance your gameplay experience. Participating in the Bone Chill event presents an opportunity to stock up on Bloodpoints and strengthen your progress in the grisly realm of Dead by Daylight.

  2. Rift Shards: The Bone Chill event also introduces Rift Shards as rewards. By amassing these shards, players can progress through The Rift—a seasonal collection of challenges and rewards. Unlock a variety of cosmetics, emotes, charms, and other exclusive items to customize your survivor or killer to your heart’s content.

  3. Iridescent Shards: Similar to Rift Shards, Iridescent Shards serve as alternate in-game currency. Through active participation in the Bone Chill event and subsequent challenges, players can acquire Iridescent Shards to access a wide range of character skins, costumes, and cosmetic items.

Remember, these rewards act as enticing incentives to engage in the festivities and heighten the excitement during the Bone Chill event. Jump into the game, tackle challenges, and earn these exclusive rewards to enhance your Dead by Daylight experience.

What Else Is Coming During Bone Chill In Dead By Daylight?

The Bone Chill event in Dead by Daylight is not limited to rewards alone. Expect additional features and surprises to amplify the holiday spirit and intensify the gameplay experience.

  1. Winter-Themed Map: As part of the Bone Chill event, players will be greeted with an all-new, winter-themed map draped in a blanket of snow. Explore this atmospheric environment as you evade killers or hunt down your prey. The chilling aesthetics serve as a visual treat, enveloping players in the essence of the holiday season.

  2. Festive Cosmetics: To embrace the cheer and excitement of the holidays, Dead by Daylight introduces a plethora of festive cosmetics. Adorn your favorite characters with seasonal outfits, flashy accessories, and thematic items that showcase the holiday spirit. Unlock and customize your survivor or killer to stand out in the chilling realm of Dead by Daylight.