Lies of P DLC Seemingly Confirmed

Speculations are rife among gamers as recent hints suggest that the dark Pinocchio fantasy game, “Lies of P,” might be getting some downloadable content (DLC) in the near future. The possibility was revealed through a recent job posting, leaving fans excited for what lies ahead in this Bloodborne-like adventure.

The news caught the attention of Okami Games, a prominent gaming enthusiast on X (formerly Twitter), who first brought the job listing to light. While the post itself is written in Korean, IGN has confirmed that it indeed relates to a quest planner role for forthcoming DLC content in “Lies of P.” With this confirmation, excitement builds as players eagerly await further details.

Although the listing doesn’t explicitly outline what the DLC will entail, fans have formulated a compelling theory based on the game’s post-credits scene. ** In this captivating scene, we witness the introduction of a new character: Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz.” Paracelsus, a key character in the game, speaks about finding Dorothy and hints at her significance: “I will find her, for sure. Another key of ours: Dorothy.” The scene concludes with a glimpse of a young girl walking along a familiar yellow brick road, wearing the iconic red shoes, innocently humming along. These intriguing visuals spark theories about the game venturing into a wider universe of public domain fantasy characters. Will we witness a collective collaboration of such iconic personas? Only time will tell.

Released to critical acclaim, “Lies of P” initially captivated players with its dark fantasy world deeply influenced by the popular game series, Bloodborne. With references to soulslike gameplay mechanics, the game successfully immersed players in a challenging yet captivating gaming experience. ** Our review of the game hailed it with an 8/10 rating, commending its ability to stay true to its soulslike inspiration while presenting a meticulously crafted and inherently captivating narrative.

For those who may have been deterred from the game upon its release due to its challenging difficulty, there is good news. Patch 1.2 addressed this concern by making the game more accessible to a wider audience.

As excitement continues to build around the potential DLC, players eagerly anticipate what lies ahead in the world of “Lies of P.” While we await further updates from Neowiz, the game’s developer, one thing is certain - the promise of an expanded storyline and the introduction of new characters has reignited enthusiasm among fans.