Baldurs Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 8 Shaves His Majesty After Cat Backlash

Baldur’s Gate 3, the highly anticipated RPG game developed by Larian Studios, recently released Hotfix 8, addressing various issues and making important changes. One particular change that caught the attention of fans was the alteration to the appearance of His Majesty, a unique character in the game.

Initially, His Majesty was supposed to resemble a hairless Sphynx cat, but due to a bug, he ended up having the same model as another character, Steelclaw, who is intended to be a Sphynx cat. Larian Studios promptly addressed this issue in Patch 3, which aimed to update the visuals and ensure that His Majesty’s appearance matched his name and nature.

However, to the surprise of the developers, some fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the new look of His Majesty. They voiced their concerns, calling on Larian to revert the changes. Listening to their feedback and aiming to please the fanbase, Larian Studios decided to dedicate Hotfix 8 to addressing this matter.

Hotfix 8 brings back His Majesty as a Sphynx cat, once again resembling the hairless feline he was originally intended to be. Additionally, the eye color of Steelclaw, the other Sphynx cat, has been adjusted to ensure they are no longer identical twins.

But Hotfix 8 doesn’t stop there. This update also focuses on fixing several crash problems, addressing an issue where party members transferred every important item to the player upon dismissal. Larian Studios humorously describes this as companions “weighing you down physically as well as emotionally,” and assures players that this behavior has been restored to how it functioned in Patch 2.

The patch notes for Hotfix 8 also list various other fixes and improvements. For example, reaction popups now correctly display text descriptions, preventing any confusion. A multiplayer crash occurring during dialogues after an active roll has been resolved. A bug causing DEVICE_LOST crashes in Vulkan has been fixed. Skeletons created using Animate Dead now properly wield their ranged weapons. The Weapon Master Feat display issue and the crash when re-assigning characters in splitscreen have also been resolved.

Hotfix 8 even addresses cosmetic issues, such as the visual problem with volumetric fog and materials generation. Raphael’s hair color and horns have been restored, ensuring that the House of Hope remains fashion-forward.

In addition to these fixes, Hotfix 8 resolves a bug related to Splint Armour for Githyanki Females, eliminating unnecessary psychedelic visual effects. Twitch drops on PS5 can now be claimed, fixing a previous issue.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has garnered widespread acclaim, with IGN’s review awarding it a perfect score of 10/10. They praised the game’s tactical RPG combat, compelling story with complex characters, polished cinematic presentation, and a world that rewards exploration and creativity. Baldur’s Gate 3 has undoubtedly set a new standard for CRPGs.