Baldurs Gate 3

All Six Adamantine Mould Locations in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 takes players on a thrilling adventure filled with treasures, mysteries, and powerful artifacts. Among these coveted items is the legendary Adamantine Forge, where players can craft exceptional equipment for their characters. To unlock the full potential of the forge, one must find all six Adamantine moulds scattered throughout the treacherous Grymforge. In this guide, we will explore the locations of these moulds, ensuring you have everything you need to create formidable gear.

Exploring the Grim Grymforge

The Grymforge, known for its somber atmosphere and perilous challenges, is home to the Adamantine Forge. Located within this grim domain, the forge holds the key to harnessing the power of Adamantine, an incredibly durable material. By obtaining the six different Adamantine moulds, adventurers can fashion exceptional weapons, armor, and other valuable items.

1. Mould of the Burning Chasm

The first mould, known as the Mould of the Burning Chasm, can be found within the depths of the Grymforge. As you traverse this hazardous area, be prepared to face deadly foes and overcome treacherous obstacles. Delve deep into the cavernous chasms until you come across a hidden chamber. There, you will discover the Mould of the Burning Chasm, a crucial piece for your crafting endeavors.

2. Mould of the Enslaved Soul

Venture further into the depths of the Grymforge to locate the Mould of the Enslaved Soul. This mould holds great power, resonating with the energy of the tormented spirits that inhabit the realm. Explore the dark corridors, solve intricate puzzles, and face formidable enemies. Only those who overcome these challenges will be rewarded with the Mould of the Enslaved Soul.

3. Mould of the Lava Forge

The Mould of the Lava Forge presents a unique challenge within the Grymforge. To acquire it, players must navigate a perilous path engulfed in molten lava. The intense heat and deadly environment demand precision and caution. Watch your step, beware of erupting lava streams, and conquer this formidable trial to claim the Mould of the Lava Forge.

4. Mould of the Fallen Guardian

Deep within the Grymforge lies the Mould of the Fallen Guardian. Protected by a powerful ancient creature, this mould requires tactical skill and strategic thinking to acquire. Engage in a fierce battle, exploit the weaknesses of the guardian, and emerge victorious to claim this vital mould.

5. Mould of the Forgotten Chamber

Uncover the secrets of the Grymforge and venture into the Forgotten Chamber to obtain the Mould of the Forgotten Chamber. This hidden area holds ancient knowledge and valuable relics. Overcome the challenges that guard this elusive mould and add its power to your arsenal.

6. Mould of the Abandoned Forge

Last but not least, the Mould of the Abandoned Forge awaits brave adventurers in a desolate section of the Grymforge. As you explore the darkest corners, be prepared for unexpected dangers. Face off against menacing creatures and conquer the trials that lie in wait. Discovering the Mould of the Abandoned Forge will grant you the final piece needed for your crafting ambitions.

Unleash Your Crafting Potential

With all six Adamantine moulds in your possession, you hold the key to unlocking the full potential of the legendary Adamantine Forge. Return to the forge and combine these moulds with Mithril to create exceptional weapons, armor, and other remarkable items.

By harnessing the power of the Adamantine Forge, you can elevate your character’s strength and prowess to new heights. Craft weapons capable of slaying even the most formidable foes, forge armors that provide unparalleled protection, or create unique items with extraordinary properties.

Embark on the quest to find the six Adamantine moulds, overcome the challenges within the Grymforge, and unleash your crafting potential. The rewards that await are beyond measure, and your journey will shape the fate of your character in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3.