How to Get Short Circuit in Starfield

The Short Circuit is a formidable laser weapon that packs a punch when it comes to short-circuiting robots. In Starfield, this unique Solstice can be a game-changer, especially when battling against annoying robotic enemies. If you’re eager to add the Short Circuit to your arsenal, follow our guide on how to obtain this powerful weapon.

Finding Short Circuit in Hopetown

To acquire the Short Circuit in Starfield, you’ll need to visit Hopetown, a key location in the game. Make your way to the weapon dealer known as Best Defense, who is situated just past the starport, down the path to the right. Prepare yourself for a rather grumpy and talkative individual who seems to have an endless list of rules and a disdainful attitude towards others.

Strike a Conversation

Approaching Best Defense, initiate a conversation with the weapon dealer to express your interest in acquiring the Short Circuit laser weapon. Be prepared for a lengthy and perhaps even annoying conversation, as the dealer tends to be quite chatty. Patience is key as you navigate his many rules and regulations before you can finally proceed with the purchase.

Follow the Dealer’s Instructions

Listen attentively to Best Defense as he shares the requirements and steps necessary to obtain the Short Circuit. It’s essential to follow his instructions closely to secure the weapon successfully. While the conversation might be tedious, the Short Circuit’s power is well worth the effort.

Gather the Required Credits

Before Best Defense will allow you to acquire the Short Circuit, you must demonstrate your worthiness by gathering the required number of credits. This is where your skills and determination will come into play. Engage in missions, explore dungeons, and defeat enemies to amass the necessary credits. Remember, patience is vital, and it’s essential to stay motivated throughout your journey.

Return to Best Defense

Once you have accumulated the required credits, make your way back to Best Defense in Hopetown. He may still be grumpy, but he’ll recognize your dedication and commitment. Present your hard-earned credits, and if all goes well, he will entrust you with the powerful Short Circuit laser weapon.

Unleash the Power of Short Circuit

Now that you possess the Short Circuit, it’s time to unleash its full potential against robotic adversaries. The weapon’s unique ability to short-circuit robots makes it a formidable choice, especially when encountering those pesky robotic dog enemies that can hinder your progress. Remember to strategize and utilize the Short Circuit’s power effectively to emerge victorious in your battles.

Obtaining the Short Circuit laser weapon in Starfield may require patience and perseverance, given Best Defense’s grumpy demeanor and the need to gather the necessary credits. However, the reward is well worth the effort. Armed with the Short Circuit, you’ll have a powerful tool to incapacitate and defeat robotic enemies throughout your journey in Starfield. So, venture forth, follow our guide, and become a force to be reckoned with in the face of mechanized adversaries. Happy hunting!